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Poll For My English Comp Homework

Hey, I'm alive! I've just been over on tumblr lately. Sorry.

Anyways, I have this paper I need to write, an argumentative essay, and I need some help with it. I just need everyone to take a few polls. Pretty please?

And spread the word, please!

So, background. My topic is Social Obligation. Basically, should you do something you don't want to out of social obligation? For example: birthday calls are a thing. But say you hate talking on the phone and would rather send an email. But somehow, emails aren't as personal (I don't really get that; it's like a birthday card you get faster) so you're told to call instead.

Or say it's the birthday of someone you never talk to. Do you call, and have them KNOW that you're only calling because you think you have to? In my opinion, that wouldn't make anyone feel good.

So, the polls:

Poll #1933866 Social Obligation

Do you think a person should do something out of social obligation, even if that person doesn't want to?

It depends on what it is (please elaborate in comments)
I don't know

Also, please comment on your thoughts about social obligation. You can remain anonymous if you'd like. I will likely be quoting some of you, but I'll be referring to you as either Anonymous, or Livejournal User or tumblr user, or Twitter user, etc. Let me know which; it might be useful.

And here's another poll, because I'm curious. Personally, I prefer emails. Because this is me on the phone: "Hello! I'm fine. You? That's good. Uh huh. Yeah. Oh? Uh huh. Good." And that continues for several awkward (for me) minutes. I never know what to say during phone calls. Whereas with emails, I have time to think of what to say and how to say it.

Poll #1933867 Methods of contact

Are emails less personal than phone calls?


Please spread the word!

The Doctor lands on Earth in the far future and meets a 15 year old Seamus Harper. Harper would have traveled with him forever if the Doctor hadn't said he was meant for great things. But he did travel with him for a while.

Odd Transformers related thought...

That kid from Children of the Damned (or Village of the Damned, can't remember which)? The one that wasn't killed? Miles Lancaster.

And yes, I'm alive.

I dare you to watch this without laughing

So, I follow Adam Savage (Mythbusters) on Twitter, and he posted a link to this video. Thought I share. I'd rate this PG-13, but you still might not want to watch at work due to a few hip thrusts. Also, you will want to watch this again and again. Possibly while dancing.

Song is in Korean.

And while you're thereCollapse )


Light the Night Fundraiser

Light the Night is a fundraising walk for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A friend's husband has multiple maloma so I wanted to help with the fundraising, but I have no car so I can't go out to get any donations. SO, I thought I'd try this:

Donate $1.00 (USD) and I will write you a 100 word drabble. Choose one or two fandoms (if requesting a crossover).

Fandoms I have written for: Hetalia, Transformers, Magic Kaito, Detective Conan, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Yu Yu Hakusho. (Note: I left out fandoms that I've been out of for so long I've forgotten how to write the characters.)

Fandoms I have never written but am willing to try: Star Trek Reboot, One Piece (Straw Hat Crew only, from early days), Avatar:TLA, Young Hercules/Hercules:TLJ, Supernatural.

Please specify a fandom (no more than two if requesting a crossover), character, and/or pairing. And since this is a fundraiser, I am even willing to write Het. But don't expect anything graphic. Please forward me the donation receipt (send to cheysuli.night@gmail.com) and include your LJ user name).

The Walk is on October 20. I hope to keep this going until then.

Also, please remember that I'm a college student. Drabbles won't be instantaneous, but I will try to get them to you within a week.

Thank you!


Does anyone in the San Antonio area know of a store where I can get cheap (as in, not L&M) textbooks? I only recently (today) got the money to rent the book from an online store, but it's not going to get here by Monday. And I can't afford to rent it from the school. Unless I borrow $30 from mom.

This is the book I need.

Any help would be appreciated.


Aug. 23rd, 2012

You know what sucks? Working as a receptionist at a rock and roll rehearsal studio while suffering from both a headache and backache. But at least none of these guys are singing heavy metal. And those guys who think they can sing Creed aren't here either, so that's something.

Just two more hours. *groans*


You'd think that if a company is going to charge you for something, they'd tell you. I mean that their representative should actually open their mouths and say words. Does at&t do that? Of course not.


Shark Week!

So who else is enjoying these shows? Which one are you looking forward to the most? I'm waiting for the Mythbusters.
And Sharkzilla!


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