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Index of my fics [Updated - May 25]

Thought I'd make a list of my fics so people could find them easier (that and I was bored). A link to this post will appear in the sideboard.

Begin Again
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 <--- Finally being worked on. Slowly.

Creepy!Blaster Series
Creepy!Sparkling!Blaster - Link takes you to part six of the fic meme. Creepy!Blaster fic is the very last one.
Death's Lullaby
At the Edge

Eject/Rewind as Blaster's Creators (this series needs a better name)
Who They?
If Only
Silent Noise

Order Written In (I recommend reading in this order)
Where Has Forever Gone?
Bond With Me

Chronological Order
Bond With Me
Where Has Forever Gone?

Fic Meme
Part 1 <--- New!
Part 2 <--- New!
Part 3 <--- New!
Part 4-5 <--- New!
Part 6 <--- New!
Note: Some of the ficlets in this meme can be considered part of the Blaster as Eject's and Rewind's sparkling series, and some can be considered as sequels to Hostility.

Unrelated One-Shots
Sick - Thundercracker
Admit It - Mixmaster, Skywarp
Computer Lessons - Wheeljack, Grimlock
Juvenile - Thundercracker, Red Alert
Crush - Grimlock <--- The first Transformers fic I ever wrote!
The Clearing - Hook, Inferno
Like A Cat - Perceptor, Beachcomber
Friendship - Omega Supreme, Silverbolt
Brush and Ink - Wheeljack, Perceptor, Jazz
Fly Free - Jazz, Thundercracker
Deception - Thundercracker, Perceptor
Name Calling - Springer, Perceptor
Support - Optimus, Red Alert
Just A Little Crush - Sunstreaker, Perceptor
Tantrum - Scrapper
Oddities - Thundercracker, Optimus, Frenzy, Ratchet
Gifts - Blaster, Steeljaw
Hostility - Springer, Wreckers, Hot Rod
First Sentence Challenge - Various characters. 29 ficlets are in the comments.
No Going Home - Wreckers
Meetings - Starscream <--- New!
Beloved - Springer, Roadbuster <--- New!
Falling - Skyfire <--- New!
Forsaken - Prowl, Starscream <--- New!
Careless Whispers - Blaster, Jazz <--- New!
Battle Forged - Elita-1, Chromia <--- New!
Like Home, Almost - Mirage <--- New!
Ten Question Character Meme - Springer, Blaster, Cliffjumper <--- New!
Ten Question Character Meme - Skywarp <--- New!
Not Forgotten - Broadside, Inferno <--- New!
Wrench - Ratchet <--- New!
Rhyming Simon - Optimus <--- New!

The Banned List by Optimus Prime
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