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Does anyone in the San Antonio area know of a store where I can get cheap (as in, not L&M) textbooks? I only recently (today) got the money to rent the book from an online store, but it's not going to get here by Monday. And I can't afford to rent it from the school. Unless I borrow $30 from mom.

This is the book I need.

Any help would be appreciated.



Aug. 24th, 2012 01:11 am (UTC)
It's an algebra book. New it costs almost $200, used about $150. To rent a used one costs $81 at the school bookstore. I finally managed to find someplace (that had it for rent at $64) that can get it to me on Monday. Which is the day I need it. Hopefully the teacher will understand why I don't have it that first day.

I still had to borrow money to get it so fast. But borrowing $10 is better than $30. I wish they just took the price of the books out of the financial aid and all we would have to do is pick them up. If we end up not needing the book, the bookstore already lets us return it for a full refund. It would be a lot less stressful.

As for used bookstores in town, with them it's kind of hit or miss. What they have depends on what people sell them. I did find an English book at Half Price Books last semester, and I almost found the book I needed for Gov there (but it was the wrong addition). Worth checking back for other books, but they didn't have this one, sadly.

I have no idea why you can't see the link *confused*

I plan to talk to one of my teachers to see if there is a textbook share program (or if I could start one). Where if a small group of students have the same class but at different times could all chip in for the price of the book. One person has it for their class time, and either hands it off to the next student after class or leaves it in the classroom for them. Do you think the teachers will go for it?

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