So, as some of you may know, I quit University of Phoenix and enrolled in a better college. To be specific, Northwest Vista College. Anyway, I'm taking two summer classes at the moment, English Comp 1 and SDEV (student development), which I keep wanting to call SECDEV thanks to Transformers fanfiction.

Anyways, in my English Class, all our assignments are based on a movie/tv show. Right now we are writing an outline about a controversial issue. Specifically (for this assignment), the pros and cons. My show is Star Trek and my issue is genetically engineering humans.

If I put the pros on one side of a scale, and the cons on the other, the cons would be in the bottom of a sinkhole while the pros were flung off into space (possibly crashing into the Enterprise). Because for every one pro I'm finding, I have like seven cons. What makes it worse, is that what some people call pros, others call cons. It's all very interesting, really, though a tad frustrating. I almost feel like cursing Khan for making me interested in this topic enough to write about it, but Kirk did that for me, though for a very different reason.

And thinking of Khan makes me think of Genesis and now I'm wondering how you can genetically engineer a rock. Water worn stones in a place that's never seen water? Really, David?

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I read these forever ago, maybe a year (not sure).

1. Megatron finds a depressed Prowl, who says something like "heroes don't die; it's bad for morale". Megatron promises that when Prowl dies, he will make sure everyone knows so Prowl isn't forgotten. "It's all I can offer," I think Megatron says. Fast forward to Earth, Prowl is badly hurt, Megs finds him and makes an offer. Prowl accepts and the Decepticons win the war. Megatron and Prowl are expecting a sparkling and so are Starscream and Soundwave. And that's all I know. I had a vague idea of possible authors but I looked through their fics and didn't find it.

2. With how detailed bunnies on the farm (and comments of bunnies) used to get (and I really need to get back over there), I can't be sure if this was actually a full fic, or just an expanded bunny on the farm. Because all I remember are post-war illegal breeding factories. Victims are locked in small rooms (possibly with limbs removed to prevent escape) and forced to have one sparkling after another. Autobots were trying to locate missing friends that may have been captured and sent to these factories. I think Cliffjumper and Mirage were among the missing.
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As some of you know, I'm in the middle of moving. Because Dad's pickup broke down, I haven't been able to get the rest of my stuff yet. My aunt is at Grandma's place packing stuff up. I asked them to leave my stuff alone, not to touch anything, and we would go get it on the 3rd. What did they do?

They bagged up my stuff. Left it on the floor. And then proceeded to FLEA BOMB THE ENTIRE HOUSE.

Can anyone please, please, please tell me how to safely and completely get all that poison out of my clothes, off my books, my jewelry, stuffed animals, paintings, G1 Prowl, furniture?

How much of my stuff am I going to need to throw away?

I just want to cry.
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Who else is annoyed by what FF.Net is doing? I admit, I first noticed the annoying images alongside the listed stories. Then, the next day when they actually posted about it, I saw that they also posted about a new crack down on adult fiction. And then I saw that box thing. *sighs* The 'no adult fics' policy is, of course, the worst thing they've done this update, but every time I see how cluttered the story lists look, I want to strangle something.

FF.Net is an excellent collection of stories and I, personally, have never had a problem with my stories (with the exception of the occasional formatting issue). I've been there for years, ever since FF.Net was green, in fact. But if they are doing this crackdown again, I just might pack up my things and move to AO3.

In unrelated news, does anyone in San Antonio, TX or surrounding areas want a cat? Grandma has been trying to get rid of her cats since she got married in April, and as much as I love them, I just can't afford another pet. There are two boys, Blue and Junior (grey tabbies), and one girl, Lady (calico). All are fixed and up to date on their shots. They are used to dogs.